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MOT Update - December 2015

MOT Update - December 2015

30 November 2015

MOT History For Vehicles

A new MOT History Site is now active, but DVSA have not yet informed MOT stations that it is live. Unlike the old MOT History site, all that is needed is the Registration Number and the make of vehicle; you no longer need to have the test certificate or V5C number. The link is:


Problem with Test Slots

It is still an ongoing intermittent problem that if purchasing test slots online the payment is taken by Capita Payments but the purchased test slots are not credited to AE account.

We recommend keeping a close check to ensure slots are received when purchased, if not the site will need to contact the MOT Testing Service Desk on 0330 123 5654 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday, 8am to 2pm (excluding public holidays.)

DVSA are informing us a sure way to ensure you receive test slots purchased is to post a cheque to DVSA at PO BOX 415 Durham DH99 1YZ. The form for this can be downloaded here.

MOT Computer Access Problem When Logged On A Test

Just a reminder that if you have scenario where an NT has logged on a test and then when they try to pass or fail vehicle and log off the test the system has stopped functioning and contingency declared, you need to ensure you follow the correct procedure.

Given this scenario the NT would handwrite a CT certificate for the customer with the result of the test that day. However when the NT returns the next day and accesses the system the test from the previous day will still be logged on as a current test. The temptation for the NT is then to enter the test results as they will need to clear this test from the system. However this will enter the test as completed the day after it has been conducted and could possibly lead to action by DVSA, as the vehicle was not on site when the certificate was issued.

The NT should cancel the test and then enter the test results as a contingency test.

Stephen Coles

Head of MOT Technical Operations

25 November 2015