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MOT Update - December 2019

MOT Update - December 2019

02 December 2019

Decelerometers added to connected equipment

Following the introduction of connected roller brake testers in October, the DVSA has announced the next piece of equipment in their phased connected equipment rollout.

From 1 February 2020, anyone buying a new decelerometer for class 3, 4, 5 or 7 test lanes will need to make sure it’s a model that can connect to the MOT Testing Service.

This includes buying replacement equipment, and as part of the process of getting authorisation to carry out MOTs at a test station.

DVSA state that connected equipment will ‘modernise testing in garages, save garages time and reduce the risk of error and fraud’, and are working with manufacturers to develop other types of connectable equipment.

It is estimated connected diesel smoke meters and exhaust gas analysers will be introduced in late spring, and headlamp beam testers over summer. Until they are introduced, garages can continue to use their current models.

Click here for more information about why the DVSA are introducing connected equipment.

Click here for a list of all DVSA acceptable equipment.

MOT Special Notice 06-19: MOT testing guide

The DVSA’s latest special notice announced that the MOT testing guide has been updated to reflect recent changes in the service, including advice relating to convictions and repute, and DBS checks.

You can find a table listing every new change on pages 228-230 of the MOT testing guide by clicking here.

If you have further questions on any of the new rules, please call the IGA Direct Member Helpline or 0845 305 4230.