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MOT Update – February 2022

MOT Update – February 2022

31 January 2022

DVSA fee consultation results

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that most of their statutory fees will be increasing by 1.5% later this year. This includes the MOT slot fee, which will rise from £2.05 to £2.08.

They said via email: “We wrote to you in August 2021 about our proposals to increase most DVSA statutory fees by a modest 1.5%. We wanted to let you know that we have now published the results of the consultation.

DVSA received 2,573 responses to the consultation. 68% of respondents said that the proposed fee increases were fair. 21% said they strongly disagreed with the increase.

What happens next

Ministers have agreed to increase most of our statutory fees.

As an example, at an increase of 1.5%, a weekday car practical test will increase by 90 pence and an MOT slot fee will increase by 3 pence.

To allow time for the necessary changes to regulations, the fee increases will not be introduced until later in 2022.

Keeping you updated

We will keep you updated of our progress and will let you and our customers know, in advance, when fees are going to be increased. Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your thoughts with us in the consultation period.”

You can read the full consultation proposal here, which contains more information on why DVSA proposed the fee increase and how they will spend the extra income.

You can read the full consultation outcome and responses here. DVSA also noted at the end of the outcome report: “Whilst there was support for the proposed fee increases, many wanted to see a rise in the maximum fee they were allowed to charge for an MOT. A total of 533 comments were made on this. DVSA will take on board these comments for further consideration.”

Improving the status page for MOT digital services

The DVSA has introduced a new status page for their MOT digital services, such as MTS and MOT reminders, to make sure you have access to timely information about their MOT digital services.

The improved status page replaces their existing content on the Matters of Testing blog.

The improvements

The page hosts real-time information and shows if any of DVSA’s MOT digital services are not operational, with regular updates on the progress they are making to resolve incidents.

It also provides a live feed of information about those services during periods of planned maintenance.

There will be a link to the new service status page in the MTS footer, which will be updated for their other services (such as MOT history) in the future.

Visit the status page here.