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MOT Update - May 2016

MOT Update - May 2016

29 April 2016

MOT Inspection Sheet

A new feature recently added to the new MOT Testing Service (Computer) that has been missed by some NTs is the ability to print off a dedicated MOT Inspection Sheet. This was a feature that we and others have been suggesting as a feature that should be added to the new MOT commuter system.

This is very much like the VT29 on the old system in that it will print a sheet that has relevant data pre-printed on it, such as registration mark, VIN, date of first use, NT name, space to record mileage and time test started.

Whilst there is not a mandatory requirement to print, retain or use this, or indeed the generic check sheet that can also be printed off, it is highly recommended.

As best practice we would recommend that any check sheets are retained with the relavant emission print offs as best practice.

For those who have missed this change, after the vehicle has been logged and the NT pushes the start test button another page appears that can be closed if desired, however on this page there is a blue hyperlink in the middle that if used will give you the ability to print off the MOT Inspection Sheet with the information already printed on it.

Any members who need advice or clarification of these or any MOT matters can contact us on 0845 305 4230

Stephen Coles

RMI Head of MOT Technical Operations