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MOT Update – May 2021

MOT Update – May 2021

30 April 2021

MOT special notice 02-21: MOT connected equipment

The DVSA released a new special notice on 19th April stating that from 1 May 2021, exhaust gas analysers and diesel smoke meters will be able to connect directly to the MOT testing service.

Any MOT centres that test class 4,5 and 7 vehicles, must have this connected equipment installed from this date if they are:

  • Opening a new MOT centre
  • Reopening a closed MOT centre (this applies regardless of how long it’s been closed)
  • Changing ownership (where the MOT centre moves from one authorised examiner (AE) to another)
  • Replacing emissions testing equipment

These rules do not apply if:

  • You’re making a change to an existing AE (for example, where you add a new partner and keep the same AE number)
  • Your application to open, run or change an MOT centre was received by DVSA before 1 May 2021 – you can use any emissions equipment that was shown in the list of approved equipment when you applied
  • Your MOT centre only tests class 1,2 and 3 vehicles

You can read the full special notice by clicking here.

New guidance to help stamp out MOT fraud

The DVSA has published new guidance on how you can report MOT fraud to help protect the public against unsafe vehicles. If you have been told by a customer or a colleague about a garage that may be breaking the law, DVSA want to hear from you in order to reduce the number of unsafe vehicle on the road. You can report an MOT tester or garage if you think they’re breaking the law, which includes:

  • Giving an MOT certificate to a vehicle that should have failed
  • Giving an MOT certificate to a vehicle they’ve not tested
  • Taking bribes for MOT certificates
  • Failing vehicles unnecessarily to generate work

The garage or tester could be banned from carrying out MOTs, fined or given a prison sentence, depending on how serious the offence is.

Within the last year DVSA investigated 2,057 fraud reports which resulted in stopping 156 garages and 335 testers from testing.

You can read the full communication from DVSA by clicking here, which includes guidance on how to make a report.

Volume of MOT tests predicted for May and June

The DVSA has released new data predicting MOT test volumes for May and June 2021 for each postcode area.

Across all postcodes an average decrease of 65% in MOT test volumes is expected throughout May, with a 25% decreased expected for June.

You can download the full data set which shows breakdowns by postcode area by clicking here.