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MOT Update – New Garage Risk Rating Assessment

MOT Update – New Garage Risk Rating Assessment

31 October 2018

New Garage Risk Rating Assessments

Back in July, the DVSA announced that they would be changing the way garage risk ratings are assessed, and we now understand that the switchover to the new assessment will happen in the next few weeks.

DVSA will soon be producing a new short guide to risk reduction, which we will send to you once it has been published. In the meantime, they have released some basic information about the changes:

They will be looking at the data produced by each tester alongside site visits in the new assessment.

When risk rating testers they will use data from the testing service and disciplinary history, and testers will be able to see their rating in their profile.

For the site visits, DVSA will be focusing more on compliance and the test itself so examiners will be carrying out more checks on recently tested vehicles. They will also do a shorter check on systems and processes in the garage, with a focus on 4 areas:

  • basic compliance
  • management control and quality control
  • premises and equipment
  • people’s training and their skills

Each area will be then marked as either:

  • satisfactory
  • improvement needed
  • unsatisfactory

The site review outcome will combine the result of the vehicle re-inspection (if carried out), previous disciplinary history of the testers and the authorised examiner and data captured from the testing service. This will then be displayed on the MOT testing service as a rating of red, amber or green. You’ll be able to view the outcome of the site review of the testing service and see the areas where improvement might be needed.

You can read the full article with the further details here.

Improving MOT testing service security

DVSA have also released new information about improving security within the MOT testing service to reduce fraud and make the system easier to use. Ian Marsh, Trade Engagement Manager at DVSA, writes:

“In our last Matters of Testing blog post, Neil Barlow talked about making a number of security improvements to the MOT testing service.

Keeping the data on the MOT testing service secure is a big priority for us and we want to reduce the risk of fraud.

As technology changes and improves, we need to make sure we keep up. To do this, we’ve focused on reducing how often you need to use your security card while improving other security measures.

Following comments from MOT testers and user research, we’ve made several changes to the testing service to make it more secure and easier to use.

Choosing the right password

We’ve found that lots of MOT testing service users have very simple passwords that aren’t secure enough. This could compromise the integrity of the service, so we’ve made improvements to make sure passwords are more robust.

Users on the MOT testing service will need to start updating their passwords to make them more secure.

You’ll be prompted with an on-screen message the next time you need to change your password change or use security questions to log in.

Your new password will need:

  • at least 8 characters
  • at least 1 number
  • a mixture of upper and lower case letters

You’ll also need to choose a password you’ve not used before and certain common words are not allowed. You’ll receive messages on-screen to help make sure your password and answers are secure enough.

So these changes don’t cause too much disruption, we’re bringing them in gradually.

Why security is so important

We know that having to come up with secure, strong passwords can be a pain, but it’s really worthwhile to make sure the MOT testing service remains secure.

After all, the information stored there can be quite sensitive. And the possible risks involved in someone gaining access to your account don’t bear thinking about.

It’s entirely possible, for example, that someone could use your account to issue fraudulent MOT certificates if they managed to get access to it. This could not only mean potentially dangerous vehicles are allowed on the road, but could also damage your business and your reputation.

So it’s essential that users make sure they do everything they can to make sure accounts remain as secure as possible.

We’ll take disciplinary action against anyone who uses an account fraudulently.

Making working more convenient

It isn’t all about making you jump through hoops, though!

We’re updating the MOT testing service so you’ll only have to use your security card to log in once per day. After that, you’ll only need your username and password.

This will make logging in and out quicker, saving you time and effort, particularly if you have lots of vehicles to test.

If we notice any changes to the way you log in during the day, you’ll be prompted to use your security card again.

Our aim is to make the system easier to use and to pave the way for more advanced security tracking in the future.

Event history

Some of you have noticed the new “event history” area on MTS. We’ve introduced this new feature so you can see information relevant to you and your garage.

The information recorded there will include interactions with DVSA, like vehicle inspections carried out and site visit results. Not all DVSA visits result in an event being recorded, and there may be no history showing if you haven’t had any visits from DVSA yet.

We’ve introduced this in preparation for the new site review process we’re planning to introduce later this year. The information in the “events history” area will help users understand their ratings.

We’ll let you know how the garage review process is going in the next blog post.”

DVSA always want to hear your feedback, so you can leave your comments on these latest changes here.