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MOT Update – October 2021

MOT Update – October 2021

30 September 2021

MOT Special Notice 05-21 – Fast Track Disciplinary

The DVSA has issued the following Special Notice to announce that a fast track system is being introduced from 4 October 2021 for routine MOT disciplinary cases:

1. Fast Track disciplinary cases

From 4 October 2021, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is changing the way that some disciplinary actions are processed. The changes have been implemented following a review of our disciplinary procedures and in consultation with the trade, the MOT disciplinary team, and vehicle examiners.

Previously, all cases were sent through the MOT disciplinary team. This one size fits all approach involved a review of the case, sending of contemplated disciplinary letters, invites for and reviews of representations and decision letters being sent. This meant that timeframes could often be prolonged for cases which were not contested.

To allow for more flexibility in our disciplinary process DVSA are introducing a fast track system to deal with routine MOT disciplinary cases. These changes mean:

  • less delays
  • less uncertainty for the authorised examiner (AE) and tester, as they will know the outcome quicker
  • it’s a more straightforward and transparent process for everyone
  • it frees up DVSA’s enforcement teams to concentrate on more serious issues

2. When will fast track apply

Fast track will only be used when:

  • there is factual evidence that can be documented
  • the evidence is not contested
  • the authorised examiner (AE) and tester  both agree that the shortcoming has occurred, and they are happy to use this process
  • the AE or vehicle testing station (VTS) and tester have no previous disciplinary cases in the previous 5 years

Fast track will also only be applied where the shortcomings have been identified in the following circumstances:

  • where statutory test documents are issued to the wrong vehicle such as, registration mark errors shown on a VT20
  • mystery shopper with for Class 4, 5 and 7 only and when 2 to 4 defects are missed or incorrectly applied
  • a targeted reinspection, MCS or an appeal for Class 4, 5 and 7 only and when 2 to 4 defects are missed or incorrectly applied

3. How will the process work

  1. A DVSA examiner will identify shortcomings with a test result.
  2. The DVSA examiner will consider all the evidence and whether the case meets the requirements to offer “fast track”.
  3. The tester and AE will be interviewed by the examiner as per normal procedure. Any shortcomings found will be put to the interviewee and if accepted, they will be offered the fast track method.
  4. The case outcome will result in a formal warning being issued for the shortcomings which have been identified and accepted.
  5. Fast track cases are still sent to the MOT disciplinary team for review. However, the disciplinary team will not send out contemplated disciplinary letters or request representations. These stages are not required as the shortcomings have been accepted at interview.
  6. The MOT disciplinary team will send out the accepted formal warning, which will remain on the AE and testers file for 5 years.

4. More information

More complex cases will not be accepted as fast track cases.
This includes:

  • any case which would likely lead to cessation
  • where there is an immediate risk to road safety
  • the integrity of the MOT testing service is compromised
  • Where cessation is contemplated and previous Formal Warnings cited, Testers and AEs may make representations about all cited Formal Warnings, irrespective of those that have already been issued through fast track.

The MOT testing guide will be updated with this information in due course.”

All Nominated Testers must acknowledge that they have read and understood the contents of the Special Notice on the DVSA’s MOT testing service by 3rd October 2021.

Updated autumn MOT demand toolkit

MOT demand this autumn will be higher for garages and motorists, so the DVSA has updated its ‘Beat the Rush’ toolkit to help garages reach out to customers and encourage them to book their MOT in early.

DVSA’s research showed that 71% of motorists return to the garage they had used previously, so this year they have created messages which focus on the relationship customers have with their garages, encouraging people to book their MOT at their usual garage.

DVSA’s Head of MOT Policy, Chris Price, writes:

“MOT demand during the autumn will be higher for garages and motorists.

Following on from our Beat the Rush campaign in 2020, we want to support MOT garages again during the busier months of the year.

To do this, we’ve updated the toolkit you can use to reach out to customers and encourage them to book their MOT in now.

We’ve updated the graphics, social media posts and an email template which you can tailor for your garage.

Click here to download the Autumn MOT demand - campaign toolkit.

You can use the toolkit to encourage motorists to book their MOT now to make sure they can get a slot with you.

This will help keep them safe on the road and help you to manage demand during an extremely busy time.”

You can also visit the Matters of Testing blog post here to download graphics you can use on your website or social media to accompany the message.

If you have any queries on the topics above, please call the IGA Direct Member Helpline on 01788 225 908, or email enquiries@rmif.co.uk.