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New MOT Testing System Topics

New MOT Testing System Topics

28 January 2016

Test Log Information

The MOT computer has now been changed to allow access to site test logs for MOT Site Managers and Admin roles as well as the AEDM who could only access this originally. We recommend this information should be incorporated into the MOT sites management regime to analyse tests that are conducted and to ensure basic security aspects of testing are adhered to.

Although currently the MOT computer is lacking access to in depth statistical information of NT failure rates, the information that is available is now easier to obtain and use, as it is live and does not have to be pre-ordered.

However to make full use of this information we would recommend that Excel or other software able to read downloaded csv files are available to enable what data is available to be analysed. Once the required data is added to a spread sheet some information that just is not visible on the screen becomes apparent plus the data can be manipulated to just look at what is needed.

Whilst the view on the screen shows the time the test was logged off, the spreadsheet download will show the full logged on time, allowing a check if the time a test was being conducted appears too short or too long and to allow investigation as to any reasons for this.

Using the spreadsheet sort and filter tools, arranging the tests in time elapsed order can show at a glance the shortest and longest test times without having to trawl through all the tests that are showing expected durations. Likewise using filters the manager can look at tests for individual NTs or exclude re-tests etc.

Another column on the downloaded spreadsheet will hopefully soon show the IP address of the computer used to issue the certificate. In the early days of the roll out this was showing the IP address, currently it is not, but we have been assured that this glitch will be rectified during future updates. Again this will be an important check to keep a tab on any “unknown” devices that are being used, and allow follow up checks if this is the case.

Using Test Log to conduct Integrity Checks

It is no secret that as it stands at the moment the MOT computer can be accessed from a computer that is not located on the premises, and while this is intentional as it allows many legitimate functions to be more easily completed, e.g test slot ordered or test log viewed by AE whilst at any location; this does raise the opportunity that NTs can theoretically issue certificates from anywhere they have internet access. It also follows that the AE will be deemed liable for this fraudulent activity should it occur.

It is important therefore that the AE protect themselves from this possibility. We would recommend that on a daily basis the SM or AE access the test log from the previous day and conduct a quick check that they can account for all test certificates issued, i.e are all vehicles verified that they were on the premises. Bookings, invoices, emission printouts, observations and other information can help with this.

This will also provide a safeguard from external sources compromising the sites systems, it is known that cyber-crime is rife and all it needs is for someone to illegally break into a station’s wireless network and log passwords, user IDs and PIN numbers and put them together to allow them fraudulent access to the system and issue MOT certificates from seemingly your station.

We understand that there is a possibility that DVSA will need to implement a second factor authentication process for issuing test certificates, this will mean instead of the same PIN number being used by the NT for each test a device that will be supplied will generate a test specific PIN number for each test.

If a site detects fraudulent activity as part of their management controls and reports it to DVSA, this will not normally count against them. However if DVSA discover something untoward you have not identified then that protection may not be afforded and disciplinary action and worse may ensue.

Old Style VT17 No More

Although we have not seen any official notification of it by DVSA to test stations, the old style VT17 form appears to have been superseded by a new “Complain about an MOT” form which can be accessed via www.gov.uk . The complainant is advised to Download and save the form, and then fill it and email it to csccomplaints@vosa.gsi.gov.uk, or to post it to their office in Swansea. Interestingly they are not now saying to send it to the local office and not asking payment for an inverted appeal up front.

Any members who need advice or clarification of these or any MOT matters can contact us on the member helpine on 0845 305 4230

Stephen Coles

Head of MOT Technical Operations