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New Survey: Share your experiences for the next Garage Work Provider Report

New Survey: Share your experiences for the next Garage Work Provider Report

28 September 2018

After the recognition the Garage Work Provider Report received earlier this year, we have begun the preparation for a second version, due for release early 2019.

We are now in the process of contacting garages for feedback on any providers they may use, including data relating to the number of jobs they’ve received through these providers and more general information, such as Terms and Conditions and subscription fees.

We have put together a survey to launch our research. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete and consists of a few short questions about your experiences with work provision services.

Please follow this link to take the survey - www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GWPR19

Your responses will be completely confidential and anonymous, and will be added to data from other independent garages to provide a clear picture of online work provision.

The IGA believes that independent garages do not need to use work providers, as they create a barrier between you and your customers and can see your business lose the unique benefits that only independents can provide. However, we want to lay out the facts, so you can make an informed choice on whether work providers can provide a benefit to your business.

If you would like to contribute anything that is not covered by our survey, email survey@rmif.co.uk with your contact details.

Click here to view the first Garage Work Provider Report.