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News from Europe….. The OBD socket is safe

News from Europe….. The OBD socket is safe

03 January 2018

The IGA’s lobbying for Independent Garages has worked!

On the 20th December 2017, the EU ambassadors confirmed the reform of type-approval for motor vehicles.

This is extremely important for the independent sector and takes us into 2018 on a high note. Crucial provisions such as the continuing presence of the OBD port and rules on access to information are included in the new regulations. The agreement must still be voted on by the EU Council and EU Parliament but we are confident that the current text be the final version.

There will still be challenges for independent garages as some vehicle manufacturers have started to restrict access to the OBD port through electronic certificates and the IGA will continue to work with European bodies and lobby in the UK and Europe for a genuinely level playing field. This is an important result for our sector and a significant leap in the right direction.

The new Type Approval rules provide a higher level of protection for independent garages. Where a trade association representing independent operators files a complaint about the failure of a manufacturer to provide access to Repair and Maintenance Information in a non-discriminatory manner – or for any other area where the vehicle does not appear to conform to its Type Approval certification, the approval authority will be required to investigate whether the vehicle is compliant. The results of that investigation must be made available within three months of the complaint.

This demonstrates the value of a united voice in lobbying and reinforces the value of IGA membership to independent garages in the UK. It confirms our position that the future IS bright for independent garages who will be able to continue to provide a high quality, high value service to consumers, even those driving the high-tech cars of today, and tomorrow.