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Passed Your Annual Assessment? Remember to Record Your Result

Passed Your Annual Assessment? Remember to Record Your Result

28 February 2017

Once you have passed the annual assessment, you need to record your assessment result on the MOT testing service.

You will need your certificate number, the date it was awarded, and the score you achieved. You can then follow the steps below:

How to record your annual assessment result:

1. Sign in to the MOT testing service.

2. Click ‘Your profile’.

3. Click ‘Annual assessment certificates’ under the ‘MOT training and certificates heading’.

4. Click to add your group A (class 1 and 2 vehicles) or group B (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles) assessment certificate.

5. Add your assessment and certificate details, review the details and save them. The end screen will show your exam result.

Recording your annual training

Recording your assessment result online must be done in addition to recording your annual training.

There’s no set format that you have to use, but it must include:

  • your name and user ID
  • which vehicle groups your training covered, such as class 1 and 2
  • the date of the training
  • how long the training session lasted
  • what topics you covered during the session
  • notes on what you did, how you did it and what you learned

You can use a template from DVSA to record it, or create your own.

You should also keep your annual assessment certificate with the rest of your annual training records, as you’ll need to show these documents to DVSA staff who visit your VTS. You must keep the records for at least five years.

If you don’t keep training records, disciplinary action can be taken against you and it can affect your tester status.

If you are still having trouble recording your result after following the instructions above, please call the member helpline on 0845 305 4230.