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Passing Your DVSA Risk Assessment is Easy with RMI’s MOT QC Scheme

Passing Your DVSA Risk Assessment is Easy with RMI’s MOT QC Scheme

28 February 2017

The RMI offers an MOT Quality Control Scheme to help you comply with DVSA site risk assessments and keep your garage at the top of its game and safely “in the green”.

Our MOT QC package includes a dedicated team to carry out two full audits a year with options for extra observed tests, additional unannounced audits, MOT specific risk assessments, help with disciplinary assistance, plus an MOT QC folder to keep your backup evidence all in one place.

IGA Executive Committee member Rob Collison recently got in touch with us to say that he received very positive feedback from his latest DVSA MOT site risk assessment, by simply having his MOT QC folder available to provide evidence for many of the questions asked throughout the site visit.

Rob said: “DVSA suggested completing a site inspection on a day I would be away from the garage at a meeting. Even though I have a capable team it’s always nerve-wracking not being there to answer any questions the DVSA might have. I left my MOT QC folder on my desk for them to flick through and check my evidence.

“The DVSA auditor worked through the folder on the day and gave us 100% green light approval - he said it’s the first time that’s ever happened.

“The folder is a bulletproof system and is absolutely fantastic - Everything you need to provide evidence for is covered and the whole folder is clearly presented. I had no need to worry at all.”

Having an MOT QC folder makes the auditing process quicker and more professional for site personnel, DVSA and ourselves. It contains 23 sections covering everything from tool checks and calibration to customer feedback, with advice on how to manage and document each topic.

To find out more about our MOT QC scheme can help your garage stay compliant and avoid disciplinary consequences, call the IGA member helpline on 0845 305 4230.