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Register for GarageSafe, the IGA’s solution for ensuring continued access to vehicle data

Register for GarageSafe, the IGA’s solution for ensuring continued access to vehicle data

30 June 2021

GarageSafe is the IGA’s solution for maintaining access to vehicle repair and maintenance information for the independent garage sector into the future.

Access to vehicle data is a critical element to running a successful independent garage business in today’s fast-moving automotive world. The sector currently has elements of data access safeguarded by the EU’s Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (MVBER), however, these regulations expire in 2023. It is vital that the UK has a solution in place to ensure continued access to technical and security related repair and maintenance information.

As the UK is now outside the EU, even if the MVBER is renewed it is unlikely it will apply to UK automotive businesses, especially the independent sector. As your representative trade body, we are taking steps now to establish and maintain continued access to vehicle data now and beyond 2023.

GarageSafe follows a similar initiative by the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTAF) in the USA, which attracted significant manufacturer support. This collaborative approach sees GarageSafe working directly with vehicle manufacturers (VMs) to allow access to information for verified, approved garages via a secure online gateway. However, because it is the first of its kind in the UK, it will be reliant upon vehicle manufacturers seeing the benefits this type of network can bring to their wider customer base in order for it to succeed.

If you would like to register for GarageSafe and be a part of this pioneering initiative, please follow this simple, three-step process:

Step 1: Call 01788 225 908 and our team will send you a registration form to complete and return. They will also be happy to answer your questions.

Step 2: A ‘desktop audit’ will be carried out to verify your business and directors’ details and its financial standing. There is no cost at this stage.

Step 3: A GarageSafe Auditor will arrange to visit your business to verify the identity of those staff who will need access to data on behalf of the business. There is a non-refundable audit fee at this stage, which is heavily subsidised by the IGA at £50.00.

Once you have passed the on-site audit you will be provided with a GarageSafe Certificate and registered as ‘GarageSafe Approved’ on the GarageSafe gateway. It is this gateway which, in time, will allow NASTF and the VMs to know that garages accessing their security related data have been physically and administratively verified.

Currently, the IGA is in the process of building the network of audited and verified independent garages. Once this vetted network has is established, expected to be in Q3 2021, the next stage of enrolment into the NASTF platform will begin.

Please note that once the GarageSafe platform is fully operational, you will need an active subscription with each VM’s technical data portal in order to receive their information.

For more information or to register for GarageSafe, please call us on 01788 225 908 or email enquiries@rmif.co.uk, and we will send you a registration form to begin your application.