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Risk rating support available for IGA Members

Risk rating support available for IGA Members

31 July 2018

DVSA have recently published details of how they are planning to change the site risk assessment for MOT stations, which they state will further increase quality at testing sites and reduce fraud. They will be using the ‘Big Data’ which is visible to test stations in the Test Quality Information (TQI).

Click here to access the details.

RMI members who subscribe to the RMI MOTQC scheme are advised on how to interpret and regularly monitor, review and if necessary act on the information in the MOT Test Logs and Test Quality Information (TQI) to manage quality and also assist in preventing fraud.

During our external audit we will discuss and advise on test time and performance data and provide suggestions on how to improve your risk rating.

Whilst this has always been important, analysis of data will become increasingly relevant once DVSA use the information from individual Testers as a contribution towards the risk rating for the VTS.

The RMI’s MOT QC Scheme helps you to comply with DVSA site risk assessments to keep your garage at the top of its game and safely “in the green”. To find out more about how our MOT QC scheme can help your garage stay compliant and avoid disciplinary consequences, call the IGA member helpline on 0845 305 4230.