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RMI Warns Against Unnecessary MOT Extension

RMI Warns Against Unnecessary MOT Extension

23 January 2017

The Department for Transport (DfT) has released a consultation seeking views on whether the age a vehicle gets its first MOT should be increased from 3 to 4 years, and the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) is warning motorists that the proposed changes will be more detrimental to consumers overall.

The DfT are proposing three options:

Option 1: No change, maintain the current period for vehicles requiring a first MOT at three years.

Option 2: Extend the first MOT for all vehicles currently requiring an MOT at three years, to four years.

Option 3: As Option 2, excluding vans in classes 4 and 7, where we will maintain the current MOT three year first test timing.

The Government preference is for either option 2 or 3, however the RMI is strongly in favour of option 1.

Stuart James, RMI Director comments, “This is an unnecessary consultation and there are a number of reasons why the benefits promoted by government are seriously outweighed by the pitfalls. At the three year period alone this change will see 400,000 unroadworthy cars on the road for another 12 months and no official mileage recorded until year 4.

“Although modern cars are better built than ever before, factors such as the condition of Britain’s roads combined with high mileages mean that modern cars should be checked more often but in many cases go for many months or even years without being seen by an industry professional.

“This proposal would, without doubt, cost consumers more in repair costs, incentivise “clockers” and be detrimental to the UK’s excellent road safety record for no particular gain.”

The RMI is part of ProMOTe, a broad‐based coalition representing road safety groups, motoring organisations and industry bodies and all are opposed to this proposal. Motorists should visit www.ProMOTe.org.uk to read about the dangerous, expensive and unnecessary implications of delaying a vehicle’s first MOT, and can reply to the consultation here.