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Save Money on your Utilities with Invoice Checker from the RMI

Save Money on your Utilities with Invoice Checker from the RMI

28 June 2016

How much time do you and your staff spend trying to keep on top of your utility, rates, and telecom costs?

For most, these costs come with lack of understanding of what is being billed, and how fair charges are priced.

Fortunately, there is a way to spend less time managing these costs and enjoy peace of mind that you’re paying the right price.

Invoice Checker, from the RMI, in association with Spiral Utilities, is a free to use service that will take the time and hassle away from dealing with the essential, but irritating, business costs, such as:

- Electricity costs

- Gas costs

- Business rates

- Telephone call charges

- Telephone line rentals

- Broadband charges

What’s more, this service is completely free to RMI Members.

RMI Utilities

RMI Utilities provides all RMI members with a comprehensive ‘energy management service and telecoms review’ designed to take the pain away from dealing with your energy and telecoms supplies and suppliers.

The service will help you to minimise your time and the cost for the essential utilities by searching out the very best deals in the market, and handling all aspects of the renewal process.

We will:

- Cut costs and save time by researching the entire market on your behalf

- Avoid expensive utility contracts

- Ensure you are not ‘locked in’ high price contracts

- Align multiple supplies to one renewal date to ease future administration

- Advise on Charge of Tenancy, new meter installations, and supplier objections

- Provide access to energy efficiency products and services

- Give assistance on all aspects of your telecoms, including broadband, mobiles, and phone systems

RMI Rates

Business rates are unavoidable and complicated to work out, so how can you be sure that you are not being overcharged?

RMI Rates offers a service for all RMI Members that will:

- Review your premises’ future rateable value and provide clarification for you where needed in terms of your projected liability.

- Conduct further research on your property and determine if an appeal should be logged.

- See if there is a scope to challenge your existing rating valuation if this has not already been undertaken.

The RMI Rates service will never cost you anything- the audits are conducted on the bases of ‘no savings, no fee,’ so the only fee you will ever face is a small percentage of whatever savings you gain.


Members who have already used the Invoice Checker service have said:

“We have used Spiral on two successive occasions now to deal with the renewal of out electricity contract. We know that they check prices across a range of suppliers and at the same time are on hand to offer advice and guidance when necessary. Although we get many sales calls from firms offering to save us money on our energy costs, when it is a large cost to the business, you need to be sure that you take advice from a firm that can be trusted.”

- Annette Thorne, Manager of Morley Service Station

“With over 30 properties throughout the UK, keeping track of different suppliers, contract expiry dates, and different renewal rules was a real headache. Spiral have made all of this considerably easier for us, saving us a lot of time and hassle. We are happy to recommend their service to others.”

- Sef Yussuf, Owner of Mr Clutch Autocentres

Using these services is very straightforward: simply scan and email copies of your gas, electricity, telecoms, and rates bills to rmiutilities@spiral-group.co.uk. Alternative methods are also available.

If you require further information on this exclusive RMI Member offer, feel free to call the Member Helpline on 0845 305 4230.