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Scam alert: Autodata branded fraudulent emails

Scam alert: Autodata branded fraudulent emails

26 February 2021

Autodata, supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket, has released copies of three phishing emails currently in circulation that are attempts at fraud. They have not been sent by Autodata’s accounts or finance team and are not genuine, so please do not respond to them.

Autodata advise that bank accounts have not changed and if you receive any mail which looks suspicious, to check with your account manager before taking any action. They also note that Rod Williams left the business in March 2020, so it is not possible for him to communicate on behalf of Autodata.

Here you can find copies of all three emails:

  • Autodata will never email you to ask if you have an outstanding balance or to provide similar information
  • Autodata will never email you asking for your password or username
  • To help with security, never share your Autodata login details with others or confirm any payment details over email

There may of course be genuine communication from Autodata when your subscription is due for renewal, or if your payment card has expired. However, if you are ever in doubt, you can contact Autodata directly.

Please remain vigilant, and if you believe you have received one if these emails please contact us via the IGA Direct Member Helpline, 0845 305 4230 or enquiries@rmif.co.uk so that we can make other members aware of the scale of the problem.