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Technical Training Course - “Electrics 1 - Multimeter”

Technical Training Course - “Electrics 1 - Multimeter”

30 September 2015

In the August bulletin we introduced the IGA Diagnostic Specialist and announced the imminent arrival of our third technical training course.

This course “Electrics 1 – Multimeter”, building on the success of our Hybrid Vehicle Safety and Awareness and Diagnostic course has now received approval from the IMI as a QAP certified course and we are now asking interested garages to call the member helpline on 0845 305 4230 to register for the course.

As always, we will come to your garage and deliver the course on your premises as a benefit of IGA membership. All we ask is the undivided attention of your staff for approximately 2.5 hours.

The course is part of a suite of three courses culminating in Oscilloscope training and completion of the suite will be one of the qualifiers for IGA Diagnostic Specialist status. The course is relevant for all technicians diagnosing electrical faults whatever their experience and will act as a gateway to more advanced diagnostic techniques through the practical and applied use of a modern multi-meter.

Initial demand is likely to be high as completion of this course will be a pre-requisite for the second course in the suite “Electrics 2 – Sensors and Actuators”.