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The Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes in to force on 1st October 2015

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes in to force on 1st October 2015

30 September 2015

From October 1, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 will update the laws governing every business selling directly to consumers. At present, consumers spend more than 59 million hours a year dealing with problems with goods and services. The updated law will mean consumers and businesses will find it easier to resolve problems with faulty goods, substandard services and, for the first time, digital content rights including specific rights to the repair or replacement of faulty digital products. This will save businesses and consumers time and money.

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) have produced a ‘Consumer Rights Summary’ that explains some of the key changes, which you can download and print here.

They have also produced a simple checklist, which you can view and download here, to help you get ready and there is a wealth of free and easy to understand information for business available online at http://www.businesscompanion.info.

The key changes include:

  • A 30-day time period to return faulty goods and get a full refund
  • Consumers will have the right to demand that substandard services are redone or failing that receive a price reduction
  • New digital content rights, meaning consumers will be able to get a repair or a replacement of faulty digital content such as online film, games, music downloads and e-books
  • Making it easier for consumers to challenge terms and conditions which are not fair or are hidden in the small print
  • Businesses getting written notice for routine inspections by public enforcers, such as Trading Standards
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution providers will be available to all businesses to help when a dispute cannot be settled directly with the consumer.

For more information on the Consumer Rights Act, please see this month’s Legal Update.