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The IGA Garage Work Provider Report 2018

The IGA Garage Work Provider Report 2018

29 March 2018

The IGA has carried out the first comprehensive study of consumer work provider websites to highlight the issues raised surrounding the current marketplace, and ensure that you can make an informed decision as to whether to engage with these companies. A hard copy of the report is now making its way to you in the post.

We produced the Garage Work Provider Report 2018 following a number of questions and concerns from members after a work provider was featured on BBC’s Watchdog last year.

While our initial intention was to create a league table of the best and worst, we found that the size, reputation and business models of these companies varied widely, and it wasn’t always easy to find the facts. We used a combination of direct research, meetings with work providers (where possible), and member feedback to compile the finished report.

In the report you’ll find:

  • An in-depth look at the IGA’s views on the current work provider marketplace, including the lack of transparency for business models and fees, and how they create a “race to the bottom” on prices
  • A detailed study of the major work providers in the marketplace
  • A suite of comparison tables providing a simple way for you to compare work provider business models, fees and charging structures, contract terms and more
  • Our conclusions and recommendations, which we advise you to follow before signing any contracts with a work provider

Thank you to all our members who shared their information and experiences with us for this report. We welcome your feedback and will continue to monitor the marketplace with the intention of producing further editions in the future. If you have any further questions or comments after reading the full report, please call us on 0845 305 4230.