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The IGA’s Garage Guide to ADAS

The IGA’s Garage Guide to ADAS

02 December 2019

You should now have received your copy of the Garage Guide to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The IGA developed this guide to give you a complete overview of ADAS, following feedback from members that there is a general lack of awareness on the subject and that it is difficult to find reliable information in any form. This 48-page guide is aimed at providing clarity around ADAS and includes:

  • An introduction to ADAS
  • A brief history of the systems
  • Current and potential future legislation regarding ADAS
  • An overview of the current ADAS features and working considerations
  • Details on the available recalibration methods and equipment
  • A helpful glossary as well as further resources for additional information.

We hope that you find the guide useful. The EU is set to make a number of ADAS technologies mandatory in new vehicles from May 2022, so it is more important than ever that technicians are informed and prepared to service and calibrate vehicles with ADAS fitted.

If you would like to further improve your knowledge beyond the guide, the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills will soon be launching a suite of ADAS courses, starting with a half-day ADAS awareness course and a full-day practical recalibration course. You will receive further communication when these courses become available.

For more information on the IGA’s Garage Guides, or to discuss adding technical support to your membership, you can call the IGA Direct Member Helpline or 0845 305 4230, or email enquiries@rmif.co.uk.