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The Trust My Garage Guide to Twitter

The Trust My Garage Guide to Twitter

30 August 2016

Some time ago, social media was considered a wasteful time-pass for the young. The likes of Facebook and Twitter were seen as an escape for the digital age, to partake in trivial unproductive activity, met by the tuts and eye rolls from those less inclined.

But, recently, all that changed.

Now social media is rising as a favoured marketing tool for businesses – big and small. Companies are now taking advantage of the online networking platforms, and have identified the massive impact it can have on their dealings.

Before social media, companies relied on expensive advertising that the smaller businesses just could not afford. Independents were swallowed and outshone by the bigger brands who had a budget big enough to push their image further. Now, social media has provided a cheap platform that allows companies to reach millions and millions of social media users.

According to the Small Business Guide, Twitter alone has over 500 million users. What’s more, 135,00 new users sign up to the site every single day. Think of all the potential consumers!

Quite like the more commonly used Facebook, Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to connect with friends, family, co-workers, clients, consumers and other businesses. The social media network allows users to communicate with pretty much anyone you’d like to (given that they, too, have an account) through the exchange of quick, frequent messages.

As an independent garage, Twitter can be greatly beneficial. Not only is it free to sign up to, but the potential to show off your business and attract prospective customers is great.

This means you can use your account for:

  • PR and Networking

To scout consumers and promote a great image of your garage

  • Customer Service and Support

To become a point of contact when your consumers have a query or issue

  • Customer Testimonials

A great opportunity to gain direct feedback from your consumers – to allow you to adapt almost in real time.

Wondering why you’ve not signed up yet?

Crossing over into the digital world can be a scary prospect, but luckily we’re here to guide you along every step of the way. So, we’ve compiled a Twitter Guide for Trust My Garage Members to clue you up and set you up to take on the world of digital marketing.

Our guide starts with the basics of setting up a Twitter account, to the more advanced skills of management, including scheduling your tweets to commit to your social media strategy.

We’ve broken down nearly every element of the social media site to give you a greater understanding and make it easier for you to start shouting about your services. As well as this, we’ve promised that we’ll support your efforts by sharing and liking some of your tweets to our 2,100 followers, in a bid to help your message travel further.

Ready to get started? Click here to download the guide.