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Trust My Garage Dual-Branded Workwear

Trust My Garage Dual-Branded Workwear

30 September 2019

With today’s modern independent garage business becoming more customer-focused than ever, the IGA’s Trust My Garage Code of Practice now gives its members the opportunity to provide staff with clean, professional workwear and hygiene that also promotes your business’ status as part of a CTSI-approved Code.

IGA has created a tailored range of Trust My Garage-branded solutions to meet the needs of your business. With our wide selection of workwear, leisurewear and hygiene products, you can highlight your TMG-approved status and also put in place your own business branding for customers.

The packages, in conjunction with Johnsons Apparel Master, are now available to members at special rate, from just £14.80 per week:

  • 3 Technicians with 5 Trust My Garage Navy Coveralls each (2 Coveralls laundered per week)
  • 1 x Roller Towel Machine plus Towel
  • 1 Technician with 3 Flame Retardant Coveralls each (1 Coverall laundered per week)
  • 1 x bag of 50 Industrial wipers
  • 2 x Tea Towels

Other options are available; the information shown above is a demonstration of available services. Workwear is also available to buy outright.

Our exclusive service also provides IGA members with special rates for:

  • Bespoke company branded workwear
  • Garment dispensers and collectors on site
  • Bespoke logo dust mats to protect reception areas
  • Full range of Hygiene products and services
  • Corporate wear available to purchase

Click here to view our new range in the Trust My Garage Garment Guide

To register your interest, please call the direct member helpline, or 0845 305 4230. Johnsons will then arrange for a local area representative to visit and discuss your requirements.