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Trust My Garage – How to make the most of your TMG status

Trust My Garage – How to make the most of your TMG status

28 June 2019

IGA Member Russell Automotive Centre & Garage Express, established in 2007 and 2009 respectively, operate as family-owned, multi award-winning independent garages in Kingsbury, North West London.

Jane Russell is one half of the founding force behind the businesses and thinks that Trust My Garage status has been a valuable asset to the business, with the recent Trust My Garage TV advert drawing in additional custom.

Jane said: “Trust My Garage has been great for us as we can say we use it to other professionals in the industry . If you want to work with any external parties, or even for fleet work as part of their audit process, it shows a high level of professionalism that businesses respect.”

Since the initial broadcast of the Trust My Garage TV advert in mid-March, Jane believes additional work has come in to the business: “Since the launch of the advert we have had retail work come in through the Trust My Garage website so having the scheme advertised on television is definitely making an impact.”

If you have not yet seen the new TV advert, you can watch it below – just press play!

Promoting their Trust My Garage status is also important to the business. Both garages’ websites advertise their RMI and TMG membership, something that Jane thinks is an ideal set-up as part of the RMI: “We actually moved away from using other codes because Trust My Garage is a benefit of RMI membership

Being part of an Approved Code is a huge factor for our business, so it made sense for us from a cost-effective point of view to utilise Trust My Garage as part of our RMI membership instead of paying for a similar thing elsewhere.”

Jane also believes that the Trust My Garage TV advert will be a good marketing tool for other garages and has some top tips to share for making your garage stand out when customers use the Trust my Garage website to find their local members.

  • Make sure your garage’s profile information is up-to-date
  • Double-check your contact information so people can submit queries you can answer
  • Take and upload varied photographs of different areas in your garage
  • Sell your business well with a good description; show potential customers why they should choose you
  • Promote your TMG status on as many platforms as you can, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Take advantage of the TMG promotional materials on offer from the RMI

To view your TMG member profile, login to your Trust My Garage profile here, where you can check and update all the information about your business shown to customers. You can even get work enquiries directly to your garage’s email address, bringing customers straight to you with no middle-man.

Remember, Trust My Garage does not charge members or consumers for this service – it’s a Code of Practice for independent garages and a benefit of IGA membership that does not “skim”.

Since 2016 Trust My Garage members have all operated to a strict Code of Conduct, which has been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) – the national body for trading standards professionals. Trust My Garage is currently the only CTSI backed code exclusively for independent garages and has been created determined to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction for your business and customers.

Want to become a TMG-approved garage?

Each new member undergoes a site audit to make sure your systems and processes meet our high standards and that your employees are properly trained. You will also need to have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and technical information and be committed to providing excellent customer service.

If you are not currently a Trust My Garage member, but would like to be considered, call our direct member helpline or 0845 305 4230 to enquire, or visit TrustMyGarage.co.uk for more information.