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Your Trust My Garage Listing on Trading Standards Website

Your Trust My Garage Listing on Trading Standards Website

28 June 2016

Now that the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has approved the Trust My Garage code of practice, all garages that are a member of the code get their own listing on the official Trading Standards website.

This has automatically been done for you, so you can click here to search for garages in your area to find your profile. If you would like to make any amendments to your page, there is an ‘Edit Listing’ link at the bottom of your listing. Customers can also place reviews through the website, so you may have feedback on your page already.

Without lifting a finger this is another brilliant plus to your Trust My Garage membership, and your listing is also a great link to share on social media with your customers.

That’s not all: We are currently in talks to set up your customer TMG feedback on the Trading Standards website, so all of your feedback you have on the TMG website will be displayed on your listing on the Trading Standards website too. This means that consumers looking for a trusted garage will have an even better chance of finding and choosing your business if you have lots of feedback available.

Click here from some tips from TMG member David Cogan on how to increase the amount of feedback for your garage profile page on the TMG website.

Click here to ensure that you are following the CTSI brand guidelines correctly, verifying you as a member of the code scheme.