Meet the Team

Colin Parlett

Executive Committee

Q: Who are you and what is your business?

A: Colin Parlett IGA chairman, I own and run a small independent repair shop carrying out MOTs with the support of a small on-site bodyshop based in North West London.

Q: How did you start in the motor industry?

A: 40 years ago, at the time I was working for Barclays bank during the day and spending the evenings learning the rudiments of the industry. When the time was right I started my own business with the support of my wife and we owe the majority of our success to the support that the then MAA (Motor Agents Association) gave us.

Q: How do you see the future for the IGA?

A: It is very exciting; the IGA must attempt to be a conduit, to offer the best opportunity for professional independent repairers in an increasingly technical environment.

Q: What are the big issues facing the industry and what can the IGA do to address those issues and to
help its members?

A: To identify practical problems being experienced by members and finding a route to resolve those, which will also help consumers, however, we must not lose site of the need to work with our franchised colleagues.

Q: How should the IGA’s money be spent?

A: My initial reaction is wisely! We appreciate the current economic climate meaning members can ill afford excessive increases in subscription, we must ensure that we are providing true value for money. Our conscientious Director Stuart James constantly monitors the IGA expenditure with the advice and help of the Executive Committee.