Meet the Team

Steve Coles

Head of MOT Technical Operations

Stephen Coles is Head of MOT Technical Operations at the RMI

Steve looks after our member’s interests in regard to MOT Testing. He develops and updates the RMI MOT QC Scheme to help keep our members on the straight and narrow. If things do not go as planned and a member has disciplinary action or withdrawal action taken against them, he can prepare representations and appeals to DVSA and the Secretary of State for Transport for them.

Steve represents the RMI on various DVSA, DfT and trade liaison bodies, and also is involved in various technical working groups with CITA, the European/worldwide testing advisory group.

In the past Steve has assisted VOSA as a timing engineer when they have previously benchmarked MOT Timing and was part of the Cleaner Vehicle Task Force.

Steve was an apprentice with a Vauxhall Dealer and then went on to be a mechanic and service advisor at one of the first Toyota Dealerships. He subsequently spent 10 years as a Service Manager at VW and Audi dealerships before moving to the RMI in 1997 as Regional Manager.

Steve’s interests are his family, dogs and motorhoming, all preferably at the same time. Steve has a passion for listening and playing music of all sorts and although it sounds good to him his family are keen to point out that he is actually tone deaf.